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Step into the virtual world with the Leadership Center for Teamwork and Innovation. Our full learning and development solution-set is immediately ready and adaptable for any kind of learning, coaching, or consulting experience. Our highly flexible and interactive learning platform will keep you and your teams completely immersed as you engage in your next new development initiative.

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Our Live Online Learning Events are full of rich content and packed with engaging activities, breakout groups and creative interactions. Our focus is to engage participants in experiential learning through various adult-learning approaches combined with expert facilitative support. At the Leadership Center for Teamwork and Innovation, we are constantly evolving our leadership learning curriculum to support your leaders and teams with the know-how to accelerate progress through effective team performance and innovation. 


We understand that lasting behavioral change requires a daily commitment to your professional growth and effectiveness. All our coaching programs are customized to provide a high quality and personal experience, through video conferencing, resource-sharing technology, and off-line support. Our Leadership Coaches will equip you with the tools, knowledge and opportunities necessary to attain personal mastery.

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Our Leadership Center for Teamwork and Innovation provides a wide range of highly customized consulting, training design and deliver, train the trainer, and more. Some of our common services include:

  • Business Agility and Innovation Consulting

  • Culture Development

  • Change Management

  • Individual, Team, and Organizational Assessments

  • Leadership Development — Program Planning and Implementation

  • Strengths-Based Leadership Development and Coaching

  • IT Modernization (Transition to the Cloud) Agile/DevOps Cultural Change Support

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