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Building a Cohesive Team
Becoming a cohesive team requires discipline and determination, especially by the team’s leader.
Team Development
Leadership Foundations
This practical and results-oriented skill-building course provides both new and experienced supervisors with proven tools and techniques immediately applicable in their own workplace. Preparation is critical for building and maintaining positive relationships, allowing for behavioral flexibility in handling different situations and people. In this course, leaders will learn and practice essential techniques for effective communication with their colleagues and subordinates, and superiors. After completing this course, participants will better manage relationships, yield better organizational results and improve their personal effectiveness.
Leadership Impact Intensive
This program will help you lift-the-lid on your personal effectiveness by taking your leadership skills to the next level.
Leadership Strategic Intent Program
Clarify your vision, and reenergize your leadership team effectiveness.
Leadership and Communication
The design of the course assists participant understanding and application of management techniques for maximizing their employees’ time and abilities.
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