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The experts at LCTI bring years of experience along with latest tools and research to support you with change planning, leadership development, business modernization, leveraging diversity, and accelerating organization and team performance.


Every consulting engagement is unique.  As a result, programs are carefully designed to address each client's challenges and desired business outcomes. The experts assigned to your initiative will work with your senior leaders to co-create a plan that is thorough, actionable and measurable. The following services cover a wide range of issues that many of our clients face in pursuit of organizational excellence.

Strategic Planning/Visioning

  • Facilitate the creation of a vision for the organization/department/team's future mission.

  • Analyze the current state and help establish direction for the future.

OD Assessments

  • Assess the current state of leadership, structure, processes, people and climate issues, often uncovering situations that inhibit complete success.

  • Examine the perceptions of "what is" to create a sound base for meaningful strategic planning, visioning and/or mission definition.

change management

  • Define, plan and execute strategic organizational change encompassing both people and systems.

  • Manage organizational transformations including restructuring, hiring, layoffs, IT modernization, consolidations, and acquisitions.

  • Set up a scalable framework for concurrent and ongoing change initiatives.

  • Align departmental initiatives with the organization's vision and mission.

Climate/Culture/Interpersonal Relationships

  • Improve communication channels for productive cooperation/teamwork and to build trust and respect.

  • Identify core values and establish ground rules for communication.

  • Build stronger team member engagement.

  • Counsel individuals regarding work place behaviors.

  • Provide a "third party perspective" to difficult challenges.

  • Assess individual work-styles and provide training/coaching on how to integrate all styles for a cohesive and effective work environment.

Organizational Structure/Processes/Job Design

  • Assess and refine the processes and methods of critical operations.

  • Analyze staffing needs and restructure positions, focusing on effective job matches and utilizing positions consistent with their classification and grade level, thereby leveraging human resources in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

  • Examine, target, and redesign organizational processes to become more responsive and efficient.

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